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MMOM Day 25-Y is for The Year Of Living Dangerously

Title: All Is Clouded By Desire
Fandom: The Year Of Living Dangerously (1982)
Character: Billy Kwan (Mention of Guy Hamilton/Jill Bryant)
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 365
Notes: I genuflect to anyone who can or has or ever will write "The Young Ones" smut, but today I just couldn't do it justice, so instead it's another movie from the early 80's and another brilliant beta job from Beta Goddess Carol.

Billy lay in bed listening to the rain and thunder, watching the shadows play on the walls of his bungalow. The puppets seemed to be moving even when he wasn’t actually manipulating them. But he was, of course. He’d manipulated Guy and Jill, the way he now manipulated himself.

He could see the two of them dancing, drinking, flirting. Guy’s white shirt, open to the chest. Jill’s crisp dress becoming softer as the night and heat worked their way through the starch. They’d get caught in the downpour, of course. Clothing would cling to their skin leading them to seek shelter and eventually each other.

Jill needed a man like Guy. Billy loved her with every inch of his body, which clearly wasn’t enough, he thought, trying not to feel bitter. He’d been shaped like this for a reason, his mother had tried to tell him. Maybe she was right. His full-sized siblings were being broken by the rice paddies and coffee plantations while he darted among the crowds of the city, getting the pictures no one else could find.

Perhaps as a joke, God or whatever was responsible had given him the appetite and equipment of a larger man without a chance in hell he’d ever get to use it. Jill thought of him as a friend, perhaps a girlfriend she might have a chat with over tea back in the English countryside. Yes, he was like an older sister or, worse, a maiden aunt.

And Guy. Billy wanted to be Guy, but now alone, stroking himself with warm, sweaty hands, he could admit that he wanted him, as well. If he couldn’t have either one, he would make sure they were together and imagine the coupling, down to the animal sounds and the very steam rising off their beautiful bodies.

Lightning crashed as he finished, spilling his desperate longings against his belly.

The perspiration on his upper lip tasted like a combination of his love for Jill and his lust for Guy. He’d given Jill the man she needed and he was going to give Guy the big story he wanted.

It was as close as he could get to having them both.

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