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Weekend stuff

Saturday-2 1/2 hours run/walk/run/walk. Throwing distance of 8 miles, and then a lot of walking with Hubby. We were going to have brunch and pick up my pills, but first he wanted to go to a side-walk sale at Mission Bike on Valencia. (We spotted the Cesar Chavez Day Parade going by as well.)

He wanted to try a new tea room on 14th near Mission, but that's because he thought my pills were at 16th & Mission, when they were really at 18th & Castro. The tea place was not my thing. No mint tea and nothing to eat except this melange of quinoa and root veggies. It was super healthy, but too sweet since there were sweet potatoes and beets involved. I really really hate beets. I've never quite gotten over the horror of the canned beets from when I was growing up.

Anyway, after trying to be nice about it, but not wanting to waste 8 miles of hunger on something that wouldn't make me happy, we ended up walking to Castro and eating a REAL brunch at the Cove. Biscuits/Gravy/Eggs. Now that's what you want after nearly 8 miles.

Watched some DVDs and Tivo'd stuff---see my Bones rant below.

Sunday-Got my goddess nails done. Went to the Mint. I ran into Sayasune outside of Safeway and found out that Jim, one of our Mint regulars had passed on. He was in his 80's, one of those great old gentleman who always wore a suit and drank martinis. He lived a good life, was loved by many, and is now in that little corner of heaven reserved for the Mint people we've lost.

Came home a bit early so we could watch our Tivo of Paris-Roubaix. You go Fabian!!!

I'm gonna be honest---I think I like the one day classics better than the TDF, Giro et al.
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