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House Babble for Lockdown

I love you Hugh. Don't give up the day-job.

Includes references to next weeks promo.

And welcome to the episode that finally makes it clear that this show is nothing but fanfiction.
NOTHING. It took FIVE WRITERS to come up with this stuff, which means it took five people to go on line and find five pieces of fanfiction to rip off.

1. Thirteen and Wilson play truth or dare. I know I've read this one back in the good-old days, when it was a House/Wilson/Cuddy game, leading to sex. I'm even sure someone on my f-list wrote it. Ticcy, maybe?

All this proved was that Wilson/13 or maybe RSL/OLIVIA have NO chemistry whatsoever. None nada. As well as being the big tease for the H/W shippers. As usual giving them the hints and then pulling away the football. "I'm not dating any one. Now." Plus the anvilicious line about Wilson putting his life on hold for House. And then...He asks out his ex wife? SAM? Next week's promo pretty much shows House going into his usual "fuck up Wilson's relationship" mode including bringing a transvestite on a date, so I'm assuming this is going nowhere, but I'll take it as more proof of my essential H/W hypothesis.

Seriously though, aside from her scenes with Chase, Olivia hasn't quite proven she can handle the light stuff.

And on what planet do Thirteen and Wilson have a first name relationship? And oh Thirteen is still soooooooo mysterious.

2. House and Patient.
I kind of liked this, but in the end it felt a bit like Moriarity-redux AND again with the teasing about what relationship House is in pain over....and I'm supposed to believe it's his one-chair stand from rehab? I call massive amounts of bullshit.

3.Taub and Foreman in the file room.
I mean really. Put in any two names and you know you've read it. Especially with the drugs, never mind that Vicodin generally doesn't have that effect. I mean they played it as though they'd had sex. They looked like they'd had sex. Taub got in his one obligatory funny line per episode-in this case the one about Foreman flexing his goatee muscle. I will say that Omar looked hot in the leather jacket. A reminder that Omar is a lot hotter than Foreman most of the time. And can be funnier. But not in this scene. If that's Hugh's idea of directing them to be "high?" I'm not impressed.

4.Chase and Cameron in the exam room.
An oldie but goodie. OK, I agree they needed the confrontation scene, and I thought it was fairly well-written EXCEPT....they do remember meth-sex, but not Ezra Powell. So the biggest piece of hypocrisy is still out there. GRRRRRRR. Also, Cameron's breakdown on "I don't know" was BAAAAAAAADDDDD. I know she can do better, so again, I have to fault the director. And really? SEX? The scene of her locking the door? I've written that for House/Wilson in the exact same situation and I'm sure you have too. The music? Yes, it's obvious, but if it's obvious, think of something else.

My Aim Is True

Again, I'm sure I'm not the only one. (Really? Chase just happens to keep that song on his Ipod?)

Dramatically, what was accomplished? They have sex. She leaves? They establish the same old cliches, although I'm glad they at least skirted "Cam only likes broken people" by reinforcing that she's the broken one. WHICH I'VE ALSO WRITTEN. Interesting they didn't mention Cam's House-obsession, which I think should have been an issue as well.,

5. Missing baby plot.
Far and away, the best part of the show. Cuddy was awesome and competent and solved the problem without House or Wilson or PI-Guy and no-one called her a bitch or made jokes about her breasts. This MUST be fanfic, since it certainly doesn't reflect the show any more.

b/t/w---Brooke Lynn is (or was) a character on General Hospital who was in fact named after Brooklyn, where her mother was from.

So out of an hour, there was about 15 really good minutes in there.

That is NOT a good ratio.

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