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Anti-Drabble Meme

Semi-ganked from cat_13145, but I'm making some tweaks. Let's see how it works out. I think it could be fun, but I've been wrong before.

Here are ten drabbles from my back catalogue, with titles (where applicable) but no other identifying information. You tell me the prompt you would have left to get said fic.

For my own purposes, I'm using a mixture of fandoms, but only "technical" drabbles. i.e. 100 words exactly.

Have at it!

I don't owe you anything.

She should have known the first time James told her about the
infarction. The catch in his voice when he said, "and I wasn't there
to stop it," was heartbreaking. It was only later, although not much
later, that she'd find out how well House had learned to use that

House owed her for the pain of realizing that no matter how many times
James said he loved her, he'd always put House first.

Her cell phone rang. Maybe a potential buyer.

"OK, I'll take the damn mutt off your hands. Now we’re even.”


Wilson hasn’t bothered getting his own place because he knows that will be the end.

As long as he’s living like a refugee from his own life, Lisa will visit him like one, refusing to even accept a key card. She’d rather knock on the door, be let in and push him toward the bed with its generically patterned coverlet, leaving long before it’s necessary to put up the “Do Not Disturb” sign.

This is what she needs, so he gives it to her. He’s had “real” relationships and look where those got him.

Living in a hotel, waiting for her.

#3-Main Squeeze

Peyton’s first album was Squeeze’s “Singles 45s and Under” stolen from her older sister. Twenty-five years later, she’s got those same songs on her iPod and she’s sharing them with a girl named Lindsay who’s rather too enamoured of Faith Hill.

Aside from her appalling taste in music, there’s nothing about Lindsay that isn’t delightful to see or touch and Peyton takes every opportunity to do both. That Mac, with his detective skills and insight, hasn’t noticed, makes the affair especially alluring.

Even in Mac’s arms, she can’t help thinking of Lindsay’s lips full of passion, and coffee in bed.


It doesn’t happen often and it’s not something Ray ever talks about, and it sure as hell don’t make him a faggot. It’s not as if he actually likes it, or anything. He tells himself he’s doing his bit for the department by keeping the Guv happy on those days when the shite’s bad and the booze ain’t enough.

He should probably thank that nutter, Tyler, with his flouncy ways and superior attitude. The Guv hasn’t pulled Ray into the office for a face-off with the one-eyed monster since Tyler showed up.

Maybe that’s why Ray hates him so much.


“So what do you reckon then, do you think the blokes are supposed to be queer for each other?”

Leave it to Philip to be able to start a discussion of character motivation while reaching for his Dunhills. John was trying to recover from what had just happened.
He groped for words through the sweaty haze that still surrounded him.

“I’ve tried asking Matthew a few times. Can’t get a straight answer, you should pardon the expression. I think there’s something there, but they’d never admit it. Gene would probably kill himself first.”

“Lucky thing we ain’t them.”

Lucky, indeed.

#6-Reason to Believe

Ianto watches Jack gazing at Gwen as though no one else exists, sees the way Martha Jones makes him light up like New Year’s Eve fireworks, hears the softness in his voice when he speaks lovingly of his Doctor.

He waits like a junkie for Jack to give him a few minutes of his time, another dose of what he’s become completely addicted to, accepts it gratefully, even when he can smell traces of perfume or aftershave that don’t belong to him, and still finds one good reason to believe that Jack really cares about him.

Because he has to.

#7-I’d Never Find Another You

If Wilson wanted House to take his marriage seriously, he should have found someone with a more grown-up name than “Bonnie,” preferably a woman who didn’t seem to be perpetually slipping through life on a banana peel and waiting for Wilson to pick her up again.

Wilson’s faith in his own ability to maintain a relationship was sweet, as in saccharine, nauseating, and likely to cause tooth decay.

House had no such illusions, just an extensive porn collection and Elite Escorts on speed-dial. He toasted the couple and started counting days to the breakup.

It was a long two years.

#8-Reasons Why

“Does Sydney ever ask you why you did it?”


“Do you ever ask yourself?”

“All the time.”

“Any answers?”

Because…Michael thinks, and then stops because he doesn’t want to believe that he let Sark escape just so there could be a day like this. He should be getting back to Syd and the kids in their safe little beach house.

But he can’t walk away when he’s already got bruises that he’ll have to lie about and he wants more.

He falls back on the bed, pulling Sark down on top of him.

This is why he did it.

#9-Demon Lover

Nathan comes to see him, asking for help.

Mohinder finally knows what it feels like to have a power, and it’s killing him. He’s as special as Matt or Isaac or even…he doesn’t want to say Peter’s name in his head while Nathan is here. How long has he wanted to be close to this man, with all his darkness and demons, knowing the only person Nathan cares about is his brother, the one who’s always on the verge of destroying something in the name of saving it?

Now Nathan is willing to admit he needs someone else.

Too late.

#10-Pearl, Pearl, Pearl.

Stephen insisted on buying Ann pearls for her birthday..

Cal tried to talk him out of it.

“She’s not the bloody Dowager Empress.”

He stopped himself before he could use words like, vibrant, young, or the ever so dangerous word beautiful.

“I’m moving up in the world, and she needs to dress the part.”

So very Stephen, down to presenting the jewelry while the three of them were out to dinner so that he could make Ann put them on and have Cal watch her do it, letting them both know exactly who had the power.

Stephen won. Again.
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