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Ashes to Ashes-Series 3-Episode two

Play by Play Report

They should really call this whole 3rd Series "All About Sam," shouldn't they?

OMG-The team doing the Billy Joel video for Uptown Girl. Gene Hunt as Billy doing all the moves. I think I just had an ovary explosion.

MORE OMG—Sam Tyler. Every word out of Gene’s mouth has to get by my slash glasses. Interesting that they segued from a bit of Don’t You Want Me to Let’s Dance. Does it mean anything? “Sam Tyler was a friend of mine. He died.” And Gene has a hangover.

Hand in the mail.

Ray’s calling Alex by her first name. (Hatesex OTP)

Oh Chris…”more of a mentor.” (They’re still my H/C OTP.)

Gene crumpling Sam’s article? NO!! Why?

I love Gene’s body…language. The hands in the belt loops or on his hips.

“Ray, you’re a scummy guy.” (And he goes on to prove it.) But I like his taste I movies. The Hunger

Kate Winslet. Hahahahah.

I honestly can’t tell if they’re dropping anvils that Alex/Gene will happen or that it can’t and shouldn’t.

Ol Skool Gene in action, kicking the shit out of some mostly innocent kid.

And my obligatory desire to slap Alex occurs at around 27 minutes when she treats Shaz like shit, thereby completely undermining any likeability she may have achieved during their earlier scene together.

A2A’s speed-dating scene was an improvement on House’s. Worth it just for Gene’s facial reactions.

Loss of points for recycling “In the butt, Bob.”

Why would a British prison have a Bubba? Isn’t that inherently an American reference?

Oh Shaz! I love you, but that was insanely stupid.

I love smoking, brooding, drinking Gene more than life itself.

Gene/Shazz----Once again…I’m getting that OH-SO-WRONG vibe, but I want it.

I’m not really worried about Shaz getting killed, but I hate women in jep plots on general principles. Especially if it’s just to get Shaz & Chris back together…maybe not, since it’s Gene’s arms she’s crying in.

The Coat! The Boots! How much fetish fuel can one show have?

And the last five minutes of crowning Gene awesome plus total What The Fuckery. How can Alex think that Gene “killed” Sam when she knows that Sam was never really there? Why did whatshisname want Shaz to quit?

Again, to those who think that A2A is non-LoM canon or somehow violates Sam/Gene, all I can say is that every minute of this mostly makes me ship Sam/Gene even more. (And makes me want to have Gene Hunt fuck me like an animal.)

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