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MMOM Day 26-Z is for Zippy The Pinhead

Title: Are We Having Fun Yet?
Fandom: Zippy The Pinhead-Comic Strip by Bill Griffith.
Character: Zippy The Pinhead
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 100
Notes: I MADE IT THROUGH THE WHOLE FREAKING ALPHABET! (And yes, tomorrow I start with A again.) I was really getting desperate. You know you're in trouble when you're looking for smut potential in "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance."
Thanks again to Beta Goddess Carol. 26 days down, five to go!

Somewhere in downtown San Francisco, a comic-strip character is reaching under his muumuu seeking relief from another day of existential laundry.

Zerbina hasn’t been seen for several weeks. The children have disappeared as well, possibly victims of the Belgian zombies. The question is whether he has anything that could have led to their creation in the first place and can he use it for some frivolity now?

Before he can find the answer, Griffy arrives to ask a hypothetical question that requires a rhetorical answer and leads to a metaphorical glazed donut. the only satisfaction allowed in family-friendly newpapers.


Tags: mmom

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