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Yesterday was a not horrible day on the bike.

We rode up Van Ness, around Fort Mason Park to Marina Green and then into the Presidio, made a stop at Sports Basement and then out to Fort Point. On the way back we rode a bit on Bay Street, which gave me a fraction of a feeling of just how rough the cobblestones of Paris-Roubaix really are.

We went to Fog City Diner for brunch and then to the Embarcadero theater at Embarcadero 1 for a documentary called "Exit Through the Gift Shop." The movie was awesome. It's a about street art and self-promotion and I absolutely loved it. Best of all: No dead dolphins. At this point, if I get through a documentary without any dead dolphins I figure I'm ahead of the game. Bonus points for narration by Rhys Ifans.

Also spent some time watching people ride the zip line at Justin Herman Plaza---Tourism British Columbia is doing a big promotion. I'm not sure exactly how riding a zip line is supposed to make you want to go to British Columbia, but it's fun to watch anyway.

Rode home and chilled out since I knew I needed to get up very early for the Zippy 5-K.

Nothing horrible happened. No falls. No needing to walk up hills. I still don't particularly enjoy riding, but as bike days go, it wasn't horrible.
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