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Zippy the Pinhead 5-K

Ivan picked me up at 645AM, but he was not feeling great or in great shape period. In fact, I think the only reason he agreed to do it this year at all was the promise of donuts. At one point he even got a nose-bleed, and confided that maybe he shouldn't have ordered had a bottle of wine at dinner the night before.

I did the women's 5-K and came in next to last at about 41 minutes. Ivan went with the mixed fun-run group. He came in sweaty and breathing hard, but happy he did it.

For me, the best part of the morning was spending quality time with the Dog of the Day. When I asked the owner if I could photograph his beautiful Border Collie, he basically said the cost of taking the picture was taking care of the dog while the owner did the men's 5-K, which he anticipated would take him about 17 minutes. The dog was absolutely lovely although he whimpered a bit when "daddy" took off running with the pack, and I'm convinced the dog knew when his master had made the turn around and was heading back.

If I ever get the house/yard combo that would allow me to have a dog, I would so love to have a Border Collie.

Next planned race is Bay to Breakers.

Came home afterwards and hubby & I gave Ebb & Flow another shot for brunch. I had the cheeseburger this time and I gotta say it was pretty awesome. We did a walk around Dolores Park where there were some many wonderful doggies it nearly drove me nuts. We met an adorable little Schnauzer named Tag.

Anywho-about another hour to chillax before heading up to Karaoke.
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