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Hit and run TV babble-Bones, Glee, Dr. Who

Dr. Who-Victory of the Daleks

You'd think Winston Churchill + Daleks would be more interesting and I'm still pissed that they did WWII London with no allusion to Jack whatsoever. But there was no animal torture, so I guess we're ahead of the game.

Hubby hated the episode. When I asked what he didn't like, he said "The writing, the acting and the direction," to which I said, "Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?"

Bones-The Death of the Queen Bee

Welllllllll gollly. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Angela and Wendell were just a way-station until Angela and Hodgens got back together. I'm still convinced it was Wendell rather than any of the other interns because he was biggest non-entity and no one would get invested and start whining when they were sacrificed on the altar of Angela/Hodgens.

NOW can we get on with something interesting like Camille/Aristoo?

Was there a murder to solve this week? Do I care?


I honestly don't know why I'm watching this show, besides the need to keep up with the Zeitgeist. I don't like the characters. Sue may be fun, but I think the fun is wearing a bit thin. The musical numbers are hit or miss and good guest stars are being wasted. The story telling is pathetic. They can't seem to slow down and actually let anything play out for more than one or two scenes.

How am I supposed to care about Will/Idina Menzel or Rachel/Guy from Spring Awakening, when there's no build-up and no follow through.

Are Britney and Santana really Friends With Benefits or just a puerile punchline?

I was happy that they actually put Emma's OCD/cleanliness obsession back on the table, but did they have to throw in the virginity issue as well? I haven't liked a virginity storyline since Edge of Night-Miles Cavanaugh/Beth Carrell, and I was a virgin at the time. Are they going to go all the way and say she's a virgin because of the obsession or stick with "haven't met the right man?"

I'm actually rooting for Terry and Will to get back together at this point and I don't know why.

Also...as a result of a [community profile] fanficrants contratemps, I'm adding Terry/Kurt or Kurt/Any female to my list of Halloween possibilities. I must say Kurt looked very hot in the "Vogue" video---Although A2A Uptown Girl > Glee Vogue.

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