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House Babble for Knight's Fall

House party attended by michelleann68 and evila_elf

...that strange feeling we sometimes get that we've lived through a plot-line before.">

I mean for god's sake, couldn't they at least have made her a brunette?

Credit to michelleann68 for "Amber-vu".

It takes a special kind of fail for a show rehash canon and completely ignore it at the same time.

No, House, Cuddy doesn’t “remember” what Wilson was like after Sam left him. He had received his divorce paper when House met him in New Orleans and he didn’t come to work at PPTH until after that, specifically because he was looking for his brother. There’s no indication he was going through the worst of it while he was at PPTH OR that Cuddy would have been privy to any of it.

AND….House can’t believe that Wilson kept a secret from him???!!!!
Helloooooo!!!! GRACE!!! Helllllooooooo AM-BER!!!! Hellloooooo BROTHER!!!!
Wilson keeps secrets all the time.

Watch your own show, you idiots!!!



Great angsty H/W in that Wilson IS getting laid and it hurts House like hell, emotionally and physically. Say it with me people: House and Wilson will ALWAYS hurt each other. We went from that big fluffy-wuffy smile over the organ to Wilson fucking his ex-wife, which he knew would hurt House, and which he had to know House would find out about eventually. THOSE are my boys.

I don’t know if Sam is as tough as Amber, but she’s played by Cynthia Watros and if you knew her on Guiding Light as Annie Dutton, you know you would not want to mess with her.

However it’s all Amber-redux. Boorrrrrrrrrring. And it’s not like House “cares” about Wilson, it’s all possessiveness and jealousy. And if he’s rambling about what a nice guy Wilson is then once again the writers are ignoring all the times they’ve shown us what a nice guy Wilson isn’t.

Also, since this is WILSON, we can assume that he did screw around on her.

“Miles is a jealous idiot.” WATCH OUT FOR FALLING ANVILS!!!!!

I’m really torn between loving the angst, but hating the fact that the dialogue is practically cut and pasted out of the Amber episodes.

Plus once again we see House drinking wine. To me that still means he is not clean and sober, and since we know the pain is getting worse, I’m still hope (for angst and drama and real!House) we get a relapse.

Am I supposed to be impressed that House didn’t look at the psychiatrist’s notes? Is this new-and-improved House (VOMIT!) or does he just not give a damn the way he did about Stacy?

Is there a good reason why Cuddy went through this episode acting like a depressed zombie?

Overdone LOTR jokes and all of a sudden Chase has to play Temperance Brennan? “I don’t know what that means.”

Taub & Chase do not have the fun competition thing that Chase and Foreman did, but I’m still liking the Chase/Thirteen vibe. It’s really the only times that Olivia lights up at all.

On the other hand, major amounts of STFU to Thirteen for channeling her inner Cameron and trying to get the guy to reveal his feelings.

Good for Foreman being aware of House's pain and good in character Foreman for mostly being concerned with how it affects himself and the team, rather than actually worrying about House.

Was there a patient this week? Was this ever actually a medical show? It would be nice the writers could remember that too while they’re mining the very recent past. There is nothing I could care less about than Ren Faires and all the “honor” crap sounded better in Knight Riders because I had a big ol crush on Ed Harris and there were motorcycles involved. (This was before I knew as much about motorcycles as I do now.)

Was it me or did patient that I don't care about look like a cross between Michael Cera and Crispin Glover as the Knave of Hearts?

Tonight on House MD, we examine the phenomenon of Amber-vu. That strange feeling we sometimes get that we've lived through a plot-line before...oh sorry, am I REPEATING MYSELF???

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