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Ashes to Ashes-Series 3-Episode 3

The bad news: We're seeing the bra straps again. The good news: Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Margaret Thatcher-I wonder if Gene remembers saying:There will never be a woman Prime Minister as long as I have a hole in my arse.

Banksy reference-especially amusing since I just saw “Exit Through the Gift Shop” last week, in which Banksy played a major role.


Luigi’s keeping secrets,

Thatcher/Blair parallel

Two Tribes-Frankie Goes to Hollywood. There was very little music this week, so it really stood out that they used that one, and also that they finished up with Shipbuilding, which actually gave me chills.

Back to the Madonna look. (Not good.)

Ray-family in the army that he doesn’t want to talk about. Are they already ret-conning Ray’s almost going into the military last series?

The actor is doing some amazing work and I’m really getting sucked into the whole Jim Keats is the Devil thing. This is what Tritter on House should have been played like. Layers. Subtlety. HUMOR!!! Bicycles would have been good too,.

The problem is I’m not really interested in the arson plot, or the WAR IS BAD plot. I want to know what happened to Sam and maybe what Ray’s big bad secret is.

“God is in the details.” Sam Tyler quote! SQUEEEEE

New fire? The brother? The wife? Ray? Keats?

The brother. And the wife…,not a big shocker. Psycho war-vet rehashed from 70’s TV cop shows post-Vietnam. I should care, but I don’t.

Ray to the rescue. Dean Andrews really sold that scene. In fact he pretty much PWNed the whole episode.

I liked that little kiss…I still have that weird Ray/Alex yen….and there goes my other oh-so-wrong-ship-Gene/Shaz.

But of the course the big question is...has anyone written the Gene/Jim fic yet? Because that would be some fierce hate-sex especially if you throw in back story with Gene/Sam or the even Harry Wolf or Mackintosh.

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