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Jon Stewart doubles down on the awesomeness!

Last night the gospel group came back so Jon could tell Revolution Muslim, the group that threatened Trey Parker and Matt Stone over a South Park episode, exactly what he thought of them.

The entire sequence was awesome, with Jon using clips from "This Week in God" and various other sketches to show how The Daily Show had been an equal opportunity offender to pretty much all religions and thanking the religions for taking it so well.

Then he reiterated a bit of the Fox situation, and made it clear that even Fox et al were not "enemies" the way these particular extremists were, and then the Choir came out and you knew what was going to happen.

Here comes the fun!

Not to mention the fact that his guest was Zoe Saldana (who is like what, a size 0?) promoting The Losers, and OMG, all I can say is the Jeffrey Dean Morgan fangirls are gonna go nuts over this movie.

I'll bet Keith and/or Rachel will have to mention this tonight...(Jon singing to Revolution Muslim, not JDM.)Speaking of MSNBC...was it me or did Michael Moore look considerably less disheveled than usual last night when he was pretty much "co-hosting" the first half of Countdown with Lawrence? Did Larry tell him, dude...get a shave and ditch the cap? The sweater made him look...almost respectable.

And Stephen Colbert gave us two "The Words," so it was truly an epic night in Pundit Land.
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