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Everything I know about wine, I learned from Sideways.

Great afternoon at the Mint after Hair Day. Peggy, Yanni, Jim, and the Golden Gate Speakeasy 2010 benefiting the Homeless Children's Network of San Francisco. I sang a bunch and even won a prize in the raffle-two tickets to ACT.

Then I went to Safeway to pick up some stuff and ended up taking a short-cut through the liquor aisle, where a woman walked up to me and said, very intensely, "I have to ask you something." I assumed I was going to be pan-handled although she didn't look homeless or anything. Instead she said, "What kind of wine goes with Mexican food?" Rather than telling her that the last time I had wine it was over 20 years ago and it was Taylor California Cellars, I asked what kind of Mexican food. After she told me, I said, that since it was very rich and intense, it needed a red wine because a white would get "blown away." Then, in full "Sideways" mode, I told her a Pinot would be better than a Merlot and helped her pick out one with an elk, on the label, just because we both liked the elk.

She was incredibly grateful and thanked me profusely for helping out.
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