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Dr. Who Babble-The Time of Angels


Really, not much to say, because I loved everything about it. I love River. I love River's shoes. I love Amy and River. I love Eleven and Amy. I love Eleven and River. I love the direction, the dialogue, the acting. I feel like this is the natural continuation from The Eleventh Hour and the last two episodes were just time-fillers until Moff could do this.

However I am somewhat disturbed to find out just how much of a Doctor/Rose shipper my husband actually is. After Amy said "That was good, wasn't it." Hubby (who is not usually the one screaming at the TV set, or in this case lap-top0 actually said, "Yeah, but you're no Rose Tyler and neither are you, River Song." When I asked if he had "River issues" he said, "Come on...Rose was the love of his life (my italics) and then he's going to marry a harridan."

In his defense, neither of us has a whole lot of background with the Doctors previous to the Reboot, so when he says "Love of his life" he's essentially starting that life with the Ninth Doctor, but still....

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