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Glee-babble for The Power of Madonna

In the immortal words of Robbie Williams, "I love you baby, but face it she's Madonna."

While I think we can stipulate the music was generally awesome, especially and including the Vogue video, (and I'll say it again, Kurt did look hot in the tux, although not so much in the Cheerio outfit) I think this was NOT a good week musically for Cory Monteith OR dramatically for Finn.

If we're supposed to feel sympathy for him about Quinn (who he barely noticed this week) or Rachel (I still can tell if he cares or not) or anything else, they're make it an especially tough sell.

Putting aside the issue of whether or not Madonna is really an empowering figure for women (or anyone else for that matter) I had real issues with the "Like a Virgin" scene. I assumed going in that either none of the couples would go through with it or that only Will and Emma would, since at least they were presumably consenting adults making an adult decision, even though both of them generally act like idiots. I'm really uncomfortable at this point with how they're handling Emma both in terms of her OCD and the virginity issue, which presumably was only brought up last week to make her "eligible" for this scene. I KNEW Rachel wouldn't, so no problem there.

I was spectacularly ooked out by the Finn/Santana scene. In fact, pretty much everything about Santana and Brittany is starting to have that effect on me, but especially the post-coital scene in this case. Yeah, I knew it wouldn't be loving snuggle-bunnies, but to have it be that cold and bleak, and for Finn to be all gloomy about "It didn't mean anything," is just weird. Yeah, he doesn't love her and vice versa, but dude, he's a teenage male who just had sex. Is it me, or is this show incredibly UN sex-positive. It's almost worse than House MD, which is still more or less trying to tell us that Sex Kills on a weekly basis. I think I understand the point and the story they're trying to tell, but not allowing us to see any actual pleasure just feels like a After School Special/PSA, conveying the message that if you have sex with a slutty cheerleader, you will empty and miserable.

I'm also starting to be kind of offended by Brittany's dumb blonde act. They don't seem to be playing it ironically, or that she's doing a Marilyn to manipulate people. Unless I'm really missing the point, the girl is supposed to be functionally illiterate and the "jokes" they keep setting her up with aren't that funny. (I saw the "misogynist" line coming in through the Lincoln Tunnel) Also the whole thing with Brittany and Santana "having sex, but not dating" or making out in front of dates to get food (and presumably money) is getting way into the "unfortunate implications" category as well, especially if there's no hint of real attraction or affection even between them.

Also, IF they're keeping any kind of door open for Kurt/Finn---and I'm not saying they are--I have to feel that either Finn is slightly tainted by this scene or they're going to go in a sex with skanky cheerleader was gross, but sex with infatuated gay man is ok direction, which I'm not crazy about either.

Speaking of Kurt, "Speaking as an honorary girl..." Did anybody dislike that line as much as I did? Speaking of dislike...does Will get the right at this point to be steering Emma into treatment and talking about "us" dealing with the problem? This one I honestly don't know the answer to.

On the other hand, I really would have LOVED a sing-off between Jesse & Finn rather than the FALLING ANVIL we got at the end of that scene.

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