karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

I finally finished reading Eat Pray Love

It was a fun read, but left me really angry in a lot of ways, and wanting to smack the author almost as much as I will probably want to smack Julia Roberts in the movie version. This is sad because much like the situation with Meryl Streep, I've managed to get over my Julia Roberts hatred.

I think I would have been ok with the Italy and India sections, although I'm always highly sceptical of anyone describing their own attainment of spiritual enlightenment, but the Bali section, even assuming it's all true, is really annoying. She almost seems to know it, but there's not way to not be annoying when your literally saving a family AND finding love with some gorgeous Brazillian man with whom you have so much great sex, you end up with a bladder infection.

Also, I really can't get past the fact that she had a book deal and and an advance all along, so it was never on her own dime. She was able to go to the Ashram and meditate for hours and hours without worrying about money. Ditto all the eating in Italy. Never mind that that it's firmly established that she's gaunt and skinny from being miserable (because of her divorce and her relationshp with a man who can't give her what she needs emotionally) that even when she starts to put on weight from all the eating, it looks good and makes her more beautiful.

But I'm not bitter.

This is one of the first times in my life that I've read a "lemming" book like this and this one is clearly extremely popular and most people seem to love it and not have this particular reaction.

Next thing on my list is "Renegade" by Richard Wolffe. Let's see how long that takes and if I'm still working on it (or have even started it) by the time I get on the plane to the UK in August.
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