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Ashes to Ashes-Series 3-Episode 4


This episode features Chris wearing the ugliest shirt I have ever seen. It’s kind of early 80’s period, but mostly it’s just ugly.

Is there a reason why everyone’s saying “tits” all of a sudden? Are we supposed to know the other DCI is scum because he says “tits” and then Ray says it in the next scene.

Holy fucking shit! Gene <3 SAM. I thought it was a manip, but now it really is canon. HOLY SHIT. Now I’m starting to think they’re really going to go there.,

“The old Hunt charm.” He knows something. Maybe about sam & Gene.

Shirtlifters…he knows when they come out. God, how much can they really be teasing us with this stuff. And then…Rise to the occasion-out of the closet.



Both smitten.

Creepy Keats doing his Mephisto thing.

OH CHRIS - you do not call Keats the guv. BAD MOVE

Major stink-eye from Shaz.


When Alex is looking at the TV set, I was sure she was going to see Test Card girl, followed in the next scene by Keats mentioning a creepy child.

Golden Brown and No More Heroes-The Stranglers

Call my mum-bad idea. (That’s when I guessed she was playing them.)

Ain’t Love A Kick in the Head-Dean Martin

And Chris goes batshit.

Another call to “mum.” I don’t think so.

I thought Alex was really in a coffin and it was “women in jep” time again, on top of the beat up and rape thing.

“Sometimes you have to shake hands with the devil.” (Keats is the Devil)

Is Keats the Angel of death?

My Way-Is that the perfect song for Gene Hunt, or what?

Deep dark secret-GENE LOVES SAM.

I’m either the biggest damn tin-hatter in the world, OR they’re playing all of us, just like Sandy was playing Alex et al.

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