karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

MMOM is a go-Seeking Beta Volunteers.

OK guys, it looks like I will be participating in the Merry Month, with the game plan of writing 31 drabbles (although I'm not going to hold myself to the 100 word limit if the muse is being loquacious) based on "icon prompts."

If you haven't prompted yet, and are so inclined, please do so as a reply to This Post.

I'll be needing betas. Insta-betas, mostly who I'll be asking to give me a quick turn-around time, basically same day. If you're interesting in lending me your Beta Davis Eyes, please let me know which fandoms you'd be willing to look at or if you'll give me grammar/typo checks on any fic regardless of actual fandom.

I know the Merry Month is about a solitary pursuit, but to quote Velma Kelly in Chicago, "I can't do it alone."
Tags: mmom, mmom 2010

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