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Bones and NCIS hit & run babble-Shipper stuff only

Bones-The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle

Oh great! Bad enough that I have to put up the pre-ordained break-up of Angela/Wendell to reinstate the sainted love affair between Hodgens and Miss Passive-Agressive Psycho-bitch, but there goes my completely imaginary potential Camille/Aristoo ship just so Camille can have a stupid, smirky, meet-cute, one-episode relationship with a gynecologist. Boooooo!!!!

Also, Emily & David? I hope you're both suitably embarrassed about your on-stage "performance."



OMG! Gibbs and Fornell are SO FUCKING MARRIED. (Or at least fucking, especially in that elevator--there's a reason why Fornell is worried about those cameras.) Mark Harman and Joe Spano are having so much fun together. When Fornell was giggling about Gibbs taking the polygraph, I wasn't sure if Spano was actually out of character, but it was just adorable to watch.

Also...good writing NCIS guys. I didn't see the twist back tot he judge coming at all.

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