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8 Miles-2 hours 30 minutes

That was Saturday morning and pretty much the last physical activity I did all weekend. After that we were essentially holed up in the apartment all weekend watching movies and DVR'd stuff while I had the lap top open for MMOM writing, LJ checks, Beta-shop etc.

We watched an unbelievably stupid 80's movie called Quicksilver, featuring Kevin Bacon as a Wall Street Whiz Kid who loses everything and becomes a bike messenger. The movie also has Lawrence Fishburne (back in his "Larry" days), Paul Rodriguez, Jami Gertz (whatever happened to her?), a completely disjointed plot, some Flashdance ripoff sections, bike-tricks, and ethnic stereotyping. ALSO...what the hell city is this supposed to be taking place in? Presumably New York, however there's tons of shots that are obviously San Francisco. (IMDB even has this as a continuity goof.)

Almost done with Slings & Arrows, except our DVR FAILED to get the last two episodes of the last season, (do Canadians use series or season?) so we can find out how King Lear went. I do wish that Ovation did not feel the need to protect me from the words "fuck" and "shit" because seeing Paul Gross say them is good, but hearing them would be even better, especially since I'm still working on the 3rd season of Due South. I'm warming up marginally to RayK, although my ship is still Benton/RayV, with a bit of Benton/Walsh on the side. HATED the Romeo & Juliet, "faith healer" episode, but liked the one after it with the Female Constable tracking down her husband's killers.

We also watched Liege-Bastone-Liege in there somewhere. So what if we were a week late. I wasn't spoiled so I enjoyed it. Congratulations Vino!

Karaoke-hung out with Yanni, Jim, Sebastian, Donatello, Brendan, Jim the Bartender, Daddy Dave, and my darling toddyboi. Tried to work on the NOVEL, but ended up scratching out most of it. Trying to write a story in a story. It's a wank-fic to boot. How funny would it be if I posted a story for a fake fandom to MMOM? Or would it be not funny at all?

Song List
Lovers Who Wander-Dion
Little Egypt-Elvis Presley
Bungle In The Jungle-Jethro Tull
A Little Be Me, A Little Bit You-The Monkees
Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World-Cliff Richard

Came home with sushi and watched Dr. Who....about which, stay tuned.

So here's the thing about 8 miles. It's hard. I wouldn't wish it on anyone, BUT assuming I'm not cold or wet and I've got my ipod on shuffle, alternating run/walk/run/walk by song, (those medleys will kill you) I can do it. Even on a bad day, I can do it. It's pushing past 8 to get up to 10, 11, and 12 in training. That's where both my body and brain start throwing obstacles at me. And that's what I have to get past if I want to do another 1/2 marathon, especially if I want to do it in June.
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