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Dr. Who babble for Flesh and Stone

Awesome title for an awesome episode.


What a freaking, breathless roller-coaster ride of an episode. Witty, scary, funny, intense, and just all around FREAKIN' AWESOME. Moff totally knows how to push the terror buttons. Because the only thing worse than saying "Don't Blink!" is saying "Don't Open Your Eyes!" Although to me the sheer panic moment was the realization that the cleric she's with can't remember the ones he just sent. That was absolutely brilliant. And just when you think you can't take the tension anymore, there's a great big action sequence and anti-gravity and wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Once again, I loved all the interpersonal dynamics, especially Amy/River. I really see River as the person Amy could become, both for good and bad, and I love River's self-awareness amd fatalism.

I hear there was a bit of controversy about the last scene. Let's see, do I want to dive into a big steamy pile of wank (not the good kind) that would essentially get me pigeon-holed with either the "slut-shamers" or the "rape apologists" (again)?

The consensus at Chez K-gal, is that fandom needs to take a giant chill-pill. Amy just went through a really intense emotional experience and was reaching out for human contact. The Doctor knew this would not be a good thing for her and resisted, but also saw HER enough to know that something else was going on, something he wants to help with. I also think that Amy needs to meet Jack Harkness as soon as possible since they could have a lot of fun together.

As for Rory...well, it sucks to be him, but at times it also sucked to be Mickey or Rhys, or whoever is the non-alpha male in the Who-verse and both of them eventually got their own crowning moments of awesome.

Let's see what Rory gets next week...because DUDE...VAMPIRES!!!!
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