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House babble for The Choice

Well, I was actually interested in the patient. (And I've just realized it's a cross between a rehash of Mob Rules and Failure to Communicate.)

Figured out the gay thing the minute I saw the ex "room-mate's" hair.

But mostly because I was pretty much convinced that they were really using him to force either House or Wilson out of the closet.

Last week I was working up a massive meta about how the entire "open marriage" plot from last week was really a total metaphor for House and Wilson's relationship, either physically, if you wear the slash glasses or just emotionally if not. In fact, emotionally, it's even more excruciating for House.

Even with the neutering that's being imposed on Wilson, it's clear that Wilson is the wife who wants outside sex in the relationship. House would be perfectly happy to stay home with Wilson watching TV, drinking beer, fucking. But Wilson keeps getting married and keeps having girlfriends or even flirting with nurses, and it drives House crazy, but he lets it go, even while passive aggressively trying to stop it.

My analogy broke down a bit because of House's hookers and Stacy, but compared to Wilson's score over the 6 years, House is more or less monogamous. More importantly, despite his cynicism, I think it's clear that IN the context of relationships, he believes in monogamy. That's why I think he's being so hard on Taub.

This week, we have our in-denial, closeted gay man, and the parallel H/W plot has Wilson continuing to screw Sam, which he knows is hurting House, but which he refuses to stop doing. (Hey FLUFF FANS, hows that working out for you?)

But being Wilson he feels guilty, so he basically tries pimp House out to his fellows. The only positive thing to come out of this was the karaoke scene. OMG!!! I'm sure this was a massive squick for some folks, but at least Jesse can actually sing. (And he was singing a girl's song quite well---in fact, I got the impression Chase was pretty damn happy to be asking House out) and Hugh & Omar did a good job on back up.

The other thing was that, call me a sucker, I reallyreallyreally thought they were going to use the PoTW as a catalyst for either Wilson or House to do some kind of coming out scene. My guess was going to be House at the end, talking to himself, or maybe his therapist. It was the only thing that made any sense, when so clearly they are both lying to the world, and possibly themselves.

I was also convinced that poor wittle innocent wife-to-be was going to have some kind of "everybody lies" secret of their own, which would have led to the guy's illness, but I guess they really wanted to bold-type, headline, the idea that Sex Kills, especially when you're gay and can't admit it. (See Mob Rules.)

Still don't care who or what or when Taub is screwing, and I honestly think that messing with him or Mrs. Passive Aggressive is beneath his skill level.

But, back to what I actually expected to happen. (Yeah, that tin hat is looking real shiny right now.) First of, did you notice how much this was a ripoff/rehash of failure to communicate? Fletcher Stone couldn't change for his wife and House couldn't change for Stacy.
This week's patient couldn't change and.....neither can House.

Thank you, Cuddy for pointing out something that the writers have been dodging all season---House is a drug addict. Alcohol is a drug. House is clearly abusing alcohol. He may not be using Vicodin, but he is clean and sober. It seems clear (although "clear" on this show is always fairly muddy" that Wilson is causing House pain and either he's going to stop doing that or he's not, and if he doesn't then House IS going to pick up the pills.

Note to Wilson-if you want to fuck your ex-wife and not be heard...why not go to her place, or throw House out, so he can have his nice apartment back.

Note to Writers: FUCK. YOU. WITH. A. RUSTY. SPOON.

House is not in pain because of Cuddy. Throwing in a darkly lit, angsty House/Cuddy "I don't want to be your friend" scene isn't going to deter the slash any more than the "oral sex" joke did, even if Hugh decided to actually try and act this week. It doesn't work, when every other single bit and beat and scene on the show is about how much House loves Wilson and how much Wilson (who also loves House) is hurting him by screwing other women.

Has this show ever had a gay male character who was comfortable with that fact, aside from Kalvan Ryan?

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