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Glee-babble for Home

OK, so we all wanted Kurt & Mercedes to get more screen time. Be careful what you ask for, I suppose.

Let’s start with Mercedes’ plot…at first I reallyreally hated this, but after a night’s sleep, I’ll admit that within the plot machinery, it did make sense, and that a lot of my discomfort comes from my own body image issues. The best thing that came out of it was that very nice scene between Mercedes and Quinn. I’m not shipping them, but I thought it was one of the few genuine scenes of emotional connection between two human beings that show has ever done.

Kudos to Amber and Dianna!

On the other hand, I reallyreally hate that “I Am Beautiful Song.” BLECH. The only time it was ever redeemed was the “Autopsy” episode of House MD, especially the Elvis Costello version at the end.

However, did I miss something? Where the hell is Quinn living? No sight of her at the Hudson house no onscreen indication that she’s been taken back at home. Come on, people. One throwaway line about her living with a cousin or something, please?

And now, unfortunately: KURT!

This was pretty much excruciating from beginning to end. If they want me to feel an iota of sympathy for Kurt, they are failing dismally, and they are also dropping the continuity ball like it’s a bag of flaming poop. Last week: “As an honorary girl…” This week “I’m a guy.” They were doing a fairly good job of showing that Kurt has accepted his own hard-forged identity, but they had to pull that out from under him to make this “plot” work. (Which it didn’t.)

The performance of “A House is Not a Home” was really painful. Part of the problem is that Chris Colfer still needs to grown into his voice. The notes are all there, but the subtlety and shading isn’t. Throw in the fact that Cory Monteith was being directed to look as though he wanted to vomit throughout. Sometimes Finn looks uncomfortable when Rachel is singing at him, but he never looks out and out repulsed, which was the impression I got here. I know Finn is supposed to be upset about his mother dating and forgetting about his dad, but none of that came across in the scene. It looked very much like gay boy coming on (emotionally) to straight boy and being rejected. It was unpleasnt to watch and listen to.

I really wish they’d framed it as Kurt introducing Dad to Finn’s mom because he really did want him to meet someone. Doing it as a machination to get to Finn? Unfortunate implications galore. I’m sure the femslash fans were thrilled to notice that cute moment between Santana and Brittany, but I suspect that’s the shows way of saying “See, we are giving you a canon gay relationship,” while NOT putting Kurt in this really ugly position of pursuing the uninterested straight male.

His drama queening through-out and especially the aforementioned “I’m a guy” scene made me want to slap him. HARD.
I loved Will and April way more than I should have, and kind of wished they had done the deed. I’m wondering if that picture that Will put in the drawer was him and Terry. It seems unlikely that he would have a picture of himself and Emma, and if he does have a Terry picture still around, then I wonder if they’re saying he really isn’t over her and that they might get back together, throwing Emma under the bus.

Sue Rocks. I know that’s nothing new, but I actually thought she was more on her game this week than the Madonna episode, even though she was being brutal to Mercedes in the process. That felt more like Sue than the crap we got last week.

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