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Ashes To Ashes-Series 3-Episode 5

All I needed was the love you gave, all I needed for another day, and all I ever knew, ONLY YOU!!!

That song needs to be a Sam/Gene vid...like now. The music was great this week. Especially the Jam and Yaz and thankyouthankyouthankyou to someone for using Mama instead of putting us through In The Air Tonight for the umpteenth million time. I hated Mama when it came out, because it was so harsh and creepy, but it was absolutely perfect for that scene.

So once again, just an utter plethora of Sam/Gene allusions, hints, promises....THE JACKET for crying out loud. Alex imagining Sam in a glossy fashion ad with Gene doing the voice-over, Gene burning the file, all of Bevan's sneering insinuations.

But I'm back to honestly thinking it's a tease. I think the key line is "Whatever you think you’re looking for it isn’t there." Alex is us, the Sam/Gene shippers, hell, she's even a tin-hatted shipper, but it's not really there, and that's what the reveal is going to show. I'm not sure if they're actually taking the piss out of the shippers, but I think they're going to pull the rug eventually.

On the other hand:

"Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith," which is literally and figuratively the moral of Sam’s whole story.

Dean Andrews had another amazing episode. I never knew I could like, hate, pity, and then like a character so much in one episode. The Danny Boy scene was really sweet. I like that they stayed breathy and amatuerish all the way through, and didn't burst into HOLLYWOOD singing halfway through. As much as I kind of ship Gene/Shaz for the wrongness, I could almost get behind Ray/Shaz, except it would KILL Chris.

Dean isn't as sexy as Burn Gorman, but he's doing a similar job in taking a nearly impossible to like character and getting us to see his humanity even when he's being a dick,.

About the horror that was Alex's high waist, pearls and hideous big belt outfit, I will speak never about, but her other clothes were ok. I loved the whole team in dark colors working together to con Lytton and Bevan, although POOR RAY getting his radio lifted.

And again Jim Keating, shows how absolutely brilliant and vile a character can be. However this ends, whatever his come-uppance turns out to be, I'm still going to be glad I saw him, both Devil and Angel.
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