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MMOM Day 7-"For The Good Times" NCIS drabble Gibbs/Ducky PG13

Title: For The Good Times
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Gibbs/Ducky
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 100
Notes: Icon Prompt from timbershiver. I realize it's a stretch. Un-beta-ed. A first time pairing for me. (Cheating on my OTP.)
Summary: It's nice for Gibbs to have memories that don't hurt.

Like Illya Kuryakin.

Gibbs still thinks of Ducky that way, sometimes…when he’s alone after a grueling case, and temporarily between red-heads.

What they had was brief and volatile, and they’re better off as friends, but Gibbs can still vividly remember the feeling of Ducky’s soft blonde hair under his fingers.

He squeezes himself harder, remembering the sweet glory that was Ducky’s mouth…god, he still misses that.

Gibbs comes in a sticky rush of nostalgia, before putting the memory safely away until the next time he needs it, grateful to have had one lover who never betrayed him.

Or vice versa.
Tags: drabble, gibbs/ducky, mmom, mmom 2010, ncis

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