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30 Days of Television Meme-Day 2

Ganked from sandrine.

Master list HERE

Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching

This is a no brainer: The Rachel Maddow Show!!!

Rachel is THE news show that comes from a progressive point of view, but never tries to distort the facts to make any political points. Rachel is smart and funny and a self-professed geek, who is willing to have people on the show who she clearly disagrees with AND give them the space to completely hang themselves with their own lies and rhetoric. Generally she maintains her cool, although calling Rick Berman a "Parasite on the body politic" was certainly a crowning moment of awesome.

Some of the best work she's done over the last year has been the detailed exposure of the "astro-turf" organizations that are out there posing as grass-roots groups that oppose the progressive agenda. Also...every expose she's done on C-Street and The Family. If that stuff doesn't scare the shit out of you nothing will.

I want more people to be watching so they'll be more educated and so that they can share my fangirling of Rachel and all the awesome "regulars" she gets to talk to like Chris Hayes, Melissa Harris Lacewell, and of course Ana Marie Cox. I won't even drag my deranged shippiness into this. Rachel/Ana Marie/Melissa OT3.

Here's Rachel, very politely making flambe out of a "therapist" who claims he can cure gay people. Best moment ever: "Dude! I'm reading from your book." (My apologies for how creepy and possibly triggering the guy is, but it's worth it for the slicing and dicing that Rachel performs.)

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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