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Dr. Who babble for Vampires of Venice

I really, really love this Doctor. I don’t think I’d bang him, because he isn’t registering to me that way. In fact, if this were the first Doctor I was seeing, I’d probably be inclined to agree with the “asexual Doctor’ crowd. I just love him. I want to bake him cookies. Which is silly because I can’t really bake and he’d probably just spit them out.

I especially love how he’s handling Rory. Yes, he thinks he’s not as handsome and Jeff and seems obsessed with Rory’s nose, but he wants Amy and Rory to be happy. He’s learned something from what happened with Mickey. He sees what could happen and he’s taking steps to circumvent it. It’s a lesson that Ten didn’t carry from Nine. So, assuming that Moffat made the decision to do that, it’s definite points for Moff there. There was one moment that did totally Ping my Mickey Chimes. I can’t remember the line, but it was very reminiscent of “Will you listen to yourselves.”

The cake-popping scene was too freaking cute for words, and again, it’s virtually impossible to imagine Eccleston or Tennant pulling off something like that.

I did think there was a good sexy undercurrent in the “20 questions” scene though. That was a great dynamic. Similar to the Liz 10 scenes. The Doc may not be into shagging, but he’s not a bad flirt when it comes down to it.

When the Vampire Girls were doing their “scary moves” I was totally thinking “Hammer Horror” and the Confidential confirmed that was deliberate. Loved the Casanova reference as well.

Obviously, the basic plot (as far as the aliens were concerned) was The Runaway Bride all over again, but you know, there’s just so many things the aliens can be up to and repopulating at our expense is one of them. (It’s a bit of Partners in Crime too.)

I’m not 100% crazy about Rory, but that’s just the fact that I’ll always be more attracted to the Alphas and that Rory certainly isn’t, but he came through, and he seems to have a sense of humor and he’s going along for the next adventure which looks totally awesome.

As for Amy, and “my boys,” at least it’s different than any of the Doctor/Companion/Sig other relationship we’ve seen before and for now I’m willing to go with it.

Another great episode with the scary, the humor and some character development perfectly combined.

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