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30 Days of Television-Day 4

Ganked from sandrine

Master list HERE

Day 04 - Your favorite show ever

Oh, I agonized over this one. There were shows that I was once so passionate about, but I couldn't say they were my favorites ever because of deterioration in the later seasons (I'm looking at you House MD) or just pure JTS syndrome. Or shows that I used to love, but don't think I could actually sit through them now without cringing, either because they weren't that good to start with or just haven't aged well.
And then I rememberd, there's one show that was perfect the first time, never stopped being perfect, and any part of which is still capable of making crack up, no matter how familiar some of the sketches may be.

And now for something completely different....

Monty Python's Flying Circus.

The Four Yorkshiremen Sketch-From Live At The Hollywood Bowl. (I prefer the version from Secret Policeman's Other Ball, but this is hysterical as well. How much do I love Michael Palin? A LOT!)

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