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Housebabble for Baggage

On-line House party attended by michelleann68

God that was nearly perfect. Best episode of the season, hands down. I'm sorry Foreman and Chase, but getting a whole episode with virtually no Taub and Thirteen was worth you guys getting short shrift too.

I LOVE it when they do this style of show a la Three Stories and The Mistake, with House and Nolan walking in and out of both plots. I cracked up when Nolan said "Why is Taub in my theory?" (Made me think the writers were wondering why Taub is in my show at all,.)

I'm actually quite stunned that St. Doris, so beloved of the fluffy-schmoop crowd would let the fuckeduppedness of H/W shine this blatantly.

"Wilson is not a consolation prize." That's the new "this stupid screwed up friendship" in terms of spelling out the jagged agony of the relationship. For House, Wilson is THE PRIZE, one he can never really have. He gets him for brief periods of time, (either on the friendship or the slash level) and then there will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be a woman and he'll lose Wilson again, and have to wait out the next divorce.

This was Wilson at his purest, and note that RSL looked extremely hot. He can't do the floppy hair anymore, but he had a good hair-cut, was sexy with Sam, and a manipulative co-dependent prick with House. He throws him out and immediately tries to take it back. Mostly because of guilt and maybe Cuddy's pushing, but also because he wants House's neediness and fucking and STILL wants his straight sex with SAM.

Hugh's acting in this was probably the best he's done since the season opener and I actually liked it better since the episode started out fairly "light." The pain in his eyes over Wilson and when he said "I don't know," about whatever he'd done to earn the beating, was just gut-wrenching. As talulahk says (more politely)...GIVE THE MAN A FUCKING EMMY ALREADY!!!

I'm so happy that they finally let House really express some anger about Wilson and Cuddy conspiring against him or his own good. I really loved his self-awareness about that.

Nolan is the worst shrink ever, and I'm glad House walked out on him. You all know how pissed off I've been about the portrayal of House's recovery process not dealing with his drinking. It's not just social drinking. House is clearly using and abusing alcohol exactly as he did pain pills and Nolan doesn't seem to have a problem. If he really thinks that this is acceptable as long as House is off Vicodin, he needs to have his license pulled immediately.

Hell, I was even happy with the Alvy scenes, although I wonder when this was written because dude...going to Phoenix? Phoenix, ARIZONA??? As someone with questionable documentation? Also...didn't whatsername, the one-chair stand from rehab go to Phoenix? And wasn't Phoenix where Cameron and Chase were supposed to have gone after Season 3? Maybe Phoenix is really the Island of Lost Plot Points where Robin the Hooker is living in sin with Wilson's brother and his nurse that Wilson was said to be seeing for all of two episodes.

However, I can't help thinking there must have been a missing scene when Wilson came to the door. The one that House refused to "show" Nolan. Wilson comes in, sees House looking even remotely happy with Alvy...and the next time we see him he's asking House to move back in. (Although when exactly did he move out...that happened really fast. Wilson mentions it and House is gone? Maybe the point is that he'd never really moved his "stuff" into Wilson's apartment and even after the organ smile, never really felt like he belonged there. He knew it was temporary, the way Wilson is always is for him.

And now I suppose I have to mention the H/Cuddy. It's not even bothering me anymore. You know why? The writers don't believe it, so why should I? It's literally a "beard." This is like the umpteenth episode this season where House suffers (beautifully) over WILSON. It's clearly about Wilson. He treats Wilson like a lover who is cheating on him. And then they throw in some ludicrous assertion about how much House wants Cuddy. Sometime Hugh sells it; sometimes he doesn't, but can you honestly tell me anyone really believes it? Certainly not St. Doris.

So we go into the finale with House already in relapse with alcohol and certainly heading for the Vicodin and Wilson being Wilson. I'm not sure which relationships will survive next week, but I'm feeling much better about the show than I have since they dragged Thirteen and Taub back into my life.

What took you so long, guys?

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