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Glee babble for Bad Reputation

What? They went to the trouble to use the title and didn't bother getting the song rights? How much would I have loved to see the gang ripping through a bit of Joan Jett, and it would have been a good tie-in since the Runaways movie is still out in the theaters.

So pretty much all the big drama stuff from last week was dropped back into the ether and now there's no weirdness between Kurt and Finn about the dad dating mom or about Kurt being "in love" with Finn.

Quinn's nice moment with Mercedes last week goes out the window and instead I now have an Oh-So-Wrong fetish for Will/Preg-Quinn.

I love hating Sue Sylvester exactly as the raving bitch that she is and I honestly can't believe she'd be that disturbed by people she holds in contempt anyway mocking her. Also the stuff with the sister...too much. If they'd shown her as a more balanced character from the beginning it might make sense. Doing it now, feels wrong. She doesn't NEED humanizing, she's awesome as she is, and this is too much too soon after her "confession" about her hair in The Power of Madonna.

I loved Oliva Newton-John's bit in the limo because I like Olivia and like seeing her be able to poke fun at herself. The video, I could have lived without. As has been pointed out elsewhere, we had Vogue just two weeks ago. It's getting old. Also...it was creepy.

It's also hard to believe that Finn or Jesse would be all that freaked out by Rachel's behavior. They do know what a drama-queen who needs to be loved she is, and each of them as supposedly accepted it. I have to assume that Jesse was just looking for a reason to break-up and that it's part of a plan hatched with the Vocal Adrenaline coach, but Finn is just being a jerk, which is not out of character for Finn of course.

Then there's Emma. If I wanted to get really upset this week, it might be about they're doing to her. Is she supposed to be Aspergers as well as shy and OCD? What does she accomplish by publicly humiliating Will? That was just an ugly, ugly scene.

Which brings us to the one thing I took away from this episode: OMJFC, PUCK WAS HOT IN THE RUN JOEY RUN VIDEO. That first shot of him on the bed with the underarm air and muscles. Holy Mary Mother of God, get me a piece of that meat. DAMN! I hated that song when it first came out, because the line about "Daddy please don't, it wasn't his fault" always made me think the girl was pregnant and I had (still have somewhat) a pregnancy squick. However, now I appreciated it as a running song, and have literally run over the Golden Gate Bridge singing the chorus, which no one can hear because of the wind up there.
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