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MMOM Day 13-"Love Minus Zero/No Unit" Top Gear RPS PG13

Title: Love Minus Zero/No Unit
Fandom: Top Gear RPS
Character: James May
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 230
Notes: Icon Prompt from capra_maritimus. Thanks to srsly_yes for inpromptu beta.
Warnings: RPS-includes names of significant others and mentions of real life traumatic events.
Summary: James celebrates some good news after the accident.

Richard was going to be all right!

After what felt like hours of pacing the halls of the hospital, running his hands mindlessly through his hair and generally feeling useless, they finally had a definite answer. It was one thing to know that Richard had been conscious when they put him in the air ambulance and quite another for Mindy to come out of the hospital room, flanked by a both surgeon and a neurologist with a big, tearful smile on her face.

It would take time, but James was going to get his Richard back, Richard whom he loved more than he’d ever be able to admit to anyone but himself.

The stress melted away, replaced with a sensation that was completely inappropriate under the circumstances, but probably inevitable. He excused himself from the relieved jubilation of Mindy and Jeremy and headed for the nearest loo.

Bad form, of course. Far too easy to get caught, and wouldn’t that get Aunti Beeb’s knickers in a twist? The fact was that needs were needs and since the whole of Britain already thought he was a wanker, he had nothing to lose. Best to make it a short, sweet affair, he thought, grabbing a bit of soap from the dispenser to smooth things along. James had no worries on that score.

This was one thing that “Captain Slow” could do quickly.
Tags: drabble, fanfic, mmom, mmom 2010, rpf, rps

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