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30 Days of Television-Day 8

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Day 08 - A show everyone should watch

Since I've already made my case for Rachel Maddow on Day 2, let's go with The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.

This is the show that has managed to fill several "holes" in my viewing life-Jon's opening monologue has replaced the void left when Johnny Carson retired. (And I absolutely love it, when Jon slips into the "Art Fern" voice.) His interviews, especially with politicians and authors, are up there (obviously in an abbreviated format) with the kind of thing I used to love on Booknotes, and while the "middle sections" can be uneven to the point of "cringe-worthiness" some of them are brilliant---like early SNL brilliant. I adore anything with Jon Oliver, Larry Wilmore and Asif Mandvi.

And there's the "TAKEDOWNS," when Jon calmly and politely, puts someone like William Kristol or John Bolton on the spot and basically makes them admit that they're hypocritical scumbags.

And who can forget....JIM CRAMER...

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