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30 Days of Television-Day 9

Ganked from sandrine

Master list HERE

Day 09 - Best scene ever

I'm a day late on this, but I had to get up and delete my original answer to this last night and then didn't have the energy to re-do it.

My original gut instinct on this was the scene in the Captain Jack Harkness episode of Torchwood where Jack and the Original Captain Jack have a few insanely hot seconds of Hand Sex. I absolutely positively adore this scene. I think it stands on its own as one of the most amazing things ever put on television. HOWEVER, in all honestly, it's perfection to me now exists especially because it can be held up as a comparison to what didn't occur throughout the 2nd and 3rd series of Torchwood with any other character and specifically a certain character. Just as my favorite words in the episode are "No, there's no one," my favorite thing about the hands is the fact that in a similarly constrained situation in Day 3 of Children of Earth, absolutely NOTHING like that happened., When faced with beans, Jack did NOT take Ianto's hand and link their fingers and feel their (HAH!) deep emotional bond surging through them in a way that might not have been noticed by Rhys at all in those few seconds. So...Jack/Jack-Hands...great scene, even on its own terms, but maybe not best scene ever.

My second choice was the poker scene between House and Wilson at the end of All In. That one is probably the single greatest "fluff scene" between House and Wilson, and IF a majority of their scenes had reflected that feeling and not included all the external pressures on the relationship including House's self-destruction and Wilson's conflicted love for House, I'd actually be a schmoopy-oopy fluffy wuffy House/Wilson shipper instead of angst-ridden, yeah they're fucking AND it's killing them shipper that I am. The whole episode is perfection, complete with great dialogue, game-playing, tuxedo porn and nice bits for FCC as well, but the sheer happiness that House and Wilson have at the end is just exhilirating and also fuels a lot of my RPS thoughts because it's almost hard to tell if those are House and Wilson's smiles or Hugh and Bobbys. However, the scene is just a coda and not really relevant to the plot itself, although it is a meta on House's method.

After all that...we come to Life on Mars and my first thought was that the BEST SCENE EVER is the transition scene with Sam waking up in 1973. The Bowie Music, the way John Simm is so adorably disoriented and then pissed off, and freaking hot as he runs his hands along his tight pants. Mrrrrow. The jokes about the "mobile phone" and the "jeep." Just everything.

But then I thought about the ending...the song (AGAIN) the build up to the roof and the exhiliration of Sam running, and we the viewer (at least in my case) going through the weird sensation of rooting for a character we love to kill himself in order to get back to the world that makes him feel alive.

HOWEVER---in terms of "Best scene ever..." that scene clearly doesn't work by itself unless you've started the journey with the earlier one. Back and forth, back and forth and clearly I'm taking this meme WAY TOO SERIOUSLY.

Final decision: Original transition scene. Deciding factor: Rewatching the entire sequence starting with Sam in the car and remembering how much happened to Sam before he got out of the car. John Simm's acting is such absolute perfection.

For your viewing pleasure: (And thanks for putting up with my rambling to get here.)

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