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Who Babble for Amy's Choice

Loved it!

Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.

OK, maybe not crazy about the idea that the only way for Amy to figure out she loved Rory was to kill him, but loved that the Dark Side of the Doctor KNEW it was the only way for Rory NOT to become Mickey. Furthermore, now she knows and he knows she knows, it's pretty much OFF THE TABLE for canon, right? Not that I mind it as fanon and fanfic, but I just couldn't see THIS Doctor really wanting to be in that relationship. 1. Too soon after Rose. 2. River Song just around the bend.

I really enjoy a good Mind Fuck AS long as it doesn't leave me feeling empty and full hatred for the entire human race, which was the net effect of Midnight. This was awesome for freaking me out and keeping me guessing and leaving my brain in a happy place where humans are not scum and the Doctor does not get mentally tortured.

The humor in this was great. I think Matt, Amy and Arthur were all absolutely adorable and Toby Jones was brilliant at making me laugh and shiver within moments of each other.

Much as I love the Lighter Side of the Doctor that Matt Smith and Moff have been giving us, I have no problem with an episode that acknowledges that Emo!Doc is still lurking beneath the surface full of bad thoughts. What makes this brilliant is allowing Eleven to have that information. I think the thing I'm really liking the most about this Doctor is his self-awareness. It was something that Ten totally lacked and wasn't a strong suit for Nine either. (My inner Jack/Doctor shipper thinks it bodes well for my OTP IF Moff brings Jack back in a future series.)

Can we now have a moratorium on species messing with humans because they lost their own planet for whatever reason? Much as I loved KILLER OLD PEOPLE and FISH VAMPIRE ALIENS, I'd really like a slightly different motivation for the next set of aliens.

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