karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Back at the gym this morning

First time in about two weeks. I'm going to TRY and keep it up for the next week, even if the food is in the dumpster. It's a bitch to get to the gym with a food hangover, but it's worse NOT to go and let the situation deteriorate. Any recommendations for exercises with the stability ball or BOSU would be greatly appreciated.

Fun at the Mint last night. Chris Dilley is in town. He's got a show at the RRRazz Room on Friday, so he and David O. and that whole gang was there. We had about two good hours and then the crazies who'd been up in the park drinking all day after Bay to Breakers started showing up. They were fun crazy...I danced with Superwoman for a while, but it meant the rotation was getting really long, so I did the duet that Jim and I had up and got out.

Song list-Sunset Boulevard, Artificial Flowers, This Could Be The Start of Something Big-duet with Jim.

Phone call with regional manager today. Blah blah blah blah blah.

We did finish watching Slings & Arrows on Saturday. So now I've seen all of that and all of Due South. Still thinking crossover for Halloween.
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