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Are you ready for some pimping?

mmom, The Merry Month of Masturbation is half way over. I'm going to hold off on pimping any specific fics until the month is over. There is however, fabulous stuff being posted in multiple fandoms. I strongly suggest that if you're not currently following the Comm, you at least take a look at the Fandom Tags and see if anything appeals to you. (Note to my Torchwood peeps, there's been some great real!Jack fics, feel free to ignore the pod-person crapola.)


Due South/Torchwood

As I've mentioned in a few posts, hubby and I went through all four seasons of Due South in the course of about three or four months total, maybe more. Anyway, I then discovered that always awesome donutsweeper had written a series of fics, mostly ficlets and drabbles, crossing over Our Favorite Mountie (and sometimes Our Favorite Dead Mountie) with the one and only Captain Jack Harkness. Mostly sweet, sometimes a hint of fluff, but definitely a very good rendering of real!Jack dealing with a very good man and taking on (temporarily) some of his better qualities, but NEVER ceasing to be himself.

I recommend them all. Tagged HERE!


Life On Mars/Torchwood

Bird and Bullets by laurab1

Another cross-over gem. Gene Hunt brings in a certain Captain to give his officers some "weapons training."


Life On Mars

NOT mmom, but a wank-party unto itself was held by the lovely candesgirl, where severinne wrote some smoking, sad, sensual wank!fic, featuring my favorite puppy-dog, Chris Skelton, as he thinks about Sam & Gene.



Little Pill by 51stcenturyfox


Go. Now. Read. Give love.


Sherlock Holmes

These Things Were Promises by paperclipbitch.

I have finally finished reading this and can now rec it in full and good conscience having made the whole journey myself. It's a doozy. It's epic. 6 Parts. Bazillion words, every one a gem. Angst. Angst. MORE ANGST. A bit of smut. A "happy" ending, but still the possibility of more angst. If you only read one "Downey-verse" movie Holmes fic, it must be this one. Yes, it will take a chunk of time out of your life, but it will make you glad you did. (Unless it just makes you depressed about not being able to write as well as PCB, but that's my neurosis.) Seriously though...look at the comments. It's not just a fic; it's a work of art!

Dr. Who

{and swallow fireflies} by paperclipbitch.

THIS is the Amy Pond fic you've been waiting to read since the first pictures and spoilers came out, even if you didn't know. Comes complete with sexy artwork, song-links and a picture-perfect real!Jack cameo.


Ironman II

Change the Channel by filthgoblin

Dude...you KNOW you want to read some Tony/JARVIS smut, right? Well step right up, cause here it is.



zekkass wrote some Joolsfic for me. Perfectly in-character. DO NOT MESS WITH JOOLS! You will lose.

House MD

Since it's House Day and the Finale to boot, two fics from one of my new favorite writers...yasibaba.

Life Like Clockwork
House/Wilson (death fic, House goes on after Wilson's gone. absolutely devastating.)

And one for you Kutner fans out there:
The Eleventh Hour
More darkness, for obvious reasons, but if you like Kutner, I think you'll enjoy this one. It really tries to get inside his head just before the events of Simple Explanation
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