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30 Days of Television-Day 10

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Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving

Due South

It started with This fic by akuni at last year's Come As You're Not party.

I read and commented, even though I'd never seen the show. It was a good "first time" fic, which I tend to like, even if I don't know the characters, but mostly I was taken with the character of Diefenbaker. As some of you know, I really, really like dogs, and Dief is a half wolf/half dog and even from the story, I could tell he was awesome. (Assuming I wasn't due to be once again disappointed by a character being more awesome in fic than on the screen.)

When I commented to the story, I got encouragement to watch the series from love_jackianto. I like to joke that even people who are clearly at very different sides of a ship-war can bond over a cute dog.

I went in with some trepidation. After reading up on the show, I really thought it was going to be way too cloying for my taste, and too much built on the "fish out of water" humor.

It took awhile to get the discs on my Netflix queue, but once I did...yeah. I fell in love. With Dief. With Benton. With RayV. With Huey and Dewey and Louis. With Welsh. With Frasier's dad and Buck Frobisher. Even with Meg and Turnbull.(Not so much with Frannie or Ray K, but I don't LOATHE THEM) With the whole "Touched By A Canadian" magical realism combination of comedy and cop show.

I really do love the whole thing. I was somewhat spoiled for the "Darrin switch" of the Rays and while I don't consider myself a ship warrior there, I will say that I'm not a big RayK fan and that I think the slashy energy is all on the Benton/RayV side, but I have no interest in fighting with or convincing anybody else. I just really love the show, and would like to get my own copy of the DVDs so I can re-watch some of my favorite bits.

I've also, nearly simultaneously fallen in love with Slings & Arrows, which recently got shown in Marathon over a few weeks on Ovation. It took about ten episodes (over a season) before I could deal with the actor who'd played Benton being unkempt, cursing etc. It had a very kinky thrill, I gotta tell you.

So really, the question is: Paul Gross, where have you been all my life?
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