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MMOM Day 19-"Magic Man" RPS Neil Patrick Harris/John Barrowman

Title: Magic Man
Fandom: RPS
Pairing: Neil Patrick Harris/John Barrowman
Rating: R
Wordcount: 660
Notes: Icon Prompt from unfeathered. Last minute beta by michelleann68. Remaining issues are solely the responsibility of your humble servant. Takes place during the voting for After Elton's Gay Man of the Decade
Warnings: RPS, including references to at least one significant other.
Summary: Checking up on the competition.

What have we here?

Neil had most emphatically not been looking for anything racy when he opened up his laptop and started googling John Barrowman; just a little research about his main “rival” in the friendly on-line competition for “Gay Man of the Decade.”

He already knew about Barrowman’s work in the West End and had a glimmer of an idea about Doctor Who and the spin-off. According to friends in London, the guy was practically ubiquitous on British television, and there were no shortage of Youtube clips proving the point.

If it wasn’t some morning chat-show, it was a dancing competition or even…ice skating? Wow. So much energy, it was nearly frightening, and he had an apparent inability to be embarrassed. All around nice guy, as far as Neil could tell, then why the hell had they never even met? He had to make a note to do something about that next time he was in London.

Another note: Buy the DVDs of that Torchwood show so he could understand the context of an extremely hot kiss that seemed to be taking place in a 1940’s movie, except it was clearly between John’s character and another man, with a whole room full of extras acting like it was no big deal. He watched it a few times. Even without knowing the story, it was beautifully done and Barrowman was certainly some kind of on-screen kisser.

It was getting late and he had a photo shoot in the morning, but he couldn’t resist clicking on link that said John Barrowman-Photo Gallery-SeXXXy Shots.

Oh boy!

David was in the bedroom, probably watching CNN, or maybe sleeping, but Neil knew he wasn’t going anywhere just yet.

The picture currently on his screen was like something out of one of his oldest fantasies. A beautiful man in jockey shorts, with the hint of an erect cock showing against the white cotton. He’d jerked off over pictures like this in Jock and Honcho, back in the days when the world thought he was a clean-cut kid named Doogie and he’d barely come to terms with his own sexuality, much less conceived of telling anyone else about it.

Now he had a boner like he was 16. He looked toward the bedroom again, feeling a bit guilty, but deciding to keep this moment to himself. He slid down his jeans and smiled at his own tighty whities. He didn’t have the poofy hair or the stethoscope anymore, but part of him was still that kid, and Barrowman’s crotch in that picture was an alluring bit of catnip.

He let his own cock out through the slit, stroking himself almost casually, but with serious intent, as he thumbed the head, spreading a bit of pre-come to smooth things along. It was all so bad porn, but completely irresistible.

Barrowman would understand, even though they were both spoken for. He’d appreciate Neil’s admiration; maybe oblige Neil’s fantasy and strike the pose in person.

That was it. John Barrowman, standing there in his living room, wearing nothing but his white underwear and a smile, the illusion was complete. Neil picked up the pace, seeing John clearly in his mind, even while his eyes were tightly shut. .

His balls were tightening and he bit down on his lower lip, remembering teenage Neil beating his meat in a dressing room, while his on-set tutor waited outside pretending not to know what was going on, and yeah, that had made things just a little bit hotter, and how awesome would it be if someone were waiting outside right now while John was in here and Neil was so close…and ready to come….RIGHT NOW!!!

Thank you ladies and gentleman. And for my next trick…,

Neil could practically see John winking at him from the computer screen.

For once, he didn’t bother checking the ‘Gay Man of the Decade’ standings before logging out for the night.

He already felt like a winner.
Tags: fanfic, john barrowman, mmom, mmom 2010, rps

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