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Who babble for The Hungry Earth

Just a bit of babble ahead.

I feel like we're about to head back into RTD's tendency toward big message episodes instead of fun ones. So far we've got some anti-drilling plus WAR IS BAD looming as the big themes.

Some nice bits here, especially allowing Rory to be awesome, and letting the Doctor be vry creepy alien, which was kind of missing from Tennant's Doctor.

I'm liking all the supporting characters, including the kid, and really don't mind it being an Amy-lite episode. LOVE Nasreen.

UH---Doctor, are you sure that everybody hiding out in a church is such a great idea? (I'm having Father's Day flashbacks myself.)

Chibnall's work here is least serviceable. He's really a puzzle. Some great TW (KKBB and Day 1) and some of the worst, including Cyberwoman and Adrift. BLECH!!! However he also wrote for Life On Mars, which earns him major brownie points. Also-42...he seems to have a recurring mining issues.

This wasn't nearly as fun as the past few eps and feels like filler. Just like (surprise) 42.
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