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TV Babble-Bones & NCIS

Bones-The Beginning in the End

That felt more like a show ending than a season finale, and I stand by last week's assertion that Caroline Julian and Lance Sweet's need their own show, because at this point they're the only two people on the show acting like human beings. (OK, throw Camille in too, but I'm still pissed that I never got Camille/Aristoo.)

What was the freaking point of making me actually believe that Daisy was something other than an annoying ditz and putting Sweets through the PTSD trip as well as saddling him with the OH-SO-TRAUMATIC back-story so that they could have their AWWWWWW moment when he proposed, only to take it all away? What kind of bull-shit was that?

About the only purpose I can see is to set up femslash fanfic for Daisy and Temperance when they're on the Maluku expedition, although given that Daisy has regressed so badly, I can only imagine Temperance or someone else killing her, just to shut her up.

And speaking of WTF...Booth is going to go back into the service to essentially train other snipers to kill targets and I can't help thinking that the show wants me to believe this is a good thing or at least doesn't have the balls to say it's bad.

Generally the show has done a good job of presenting balance on the more controversial military issues, but using Booth's character to be generally pro-military vs Hodgens anti-gov. paranoia and Brennan's more culturally anthropological approach. I thought they did a good with this in the friendly fire episode for instance. Booth suffered, but he was willing to face down the military brass when necessary.

This time I felt it was too cut and dried and that I am supposed to be on the pro-assassination side and it leaves a really bad feeling in my mouth.

I won't even bitch about Hodgens and Angela today, cause I do like the Billy Gibbons appearances, although what was up with her hair?

NCIS-Patriot Down

Hey, Colby Granger, nice to see you're still doing that whole double-agent thing.

Hey, annoying lawyer lady, get the fuck off my screen. (I've like Rena Sofer in her GH days and as Heidi Petrelli, but this character has annoyed the hell out of me since Day 1, especially those fake UST scenes with Gibbs.)

Awwwwww, Gibbs/Abby. Love them. Still hoping that Abs will call Fornell and I'll get an OT3 scene in there somewhere.

Other than that...Father/Son joint rape? EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

I really hope the season finale is gonna be better than this.

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