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MMOM Day 24-"Recriminations Fester" American Idol RPS drabble

Title: Recriminations Fester
Fandom: American Idol RPS
Pairing: Simon Cowell/Ryan Seacrest
Rating: PG
Worcount: 100
Notes: Icon Prompt from ignaz_wisdom. I tried Iggy, honest I did. No beta.

Twenty minutes before broadcast and Ryan is in his dressing room, replaying the latest argument, which is really the same argument that’s been going on for months.

I’m just leaving the show; I’m not leaving you.

Don’t lie to me, Simon. You’ve been leaving for months.

It’s the worst kind of trite soap opera dialogue, except it’s his actual life.

He knows exactly what Simon will say if he walks in and catches him; “You sad wanker.”

Not sad, Ryan thinks to himself, finishing things off as roughly as he feels he’s been used all along.

A very angry one.
Tags: mmom, mmom 2010, rpf, rps

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