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House-babble for "Human Error"

Hey U.S. House-fraus, the season is over-START YOUR FICTION ENGINES!!!

Allow me to speak a little heresy, but I'm starting to think what this show needs is a shorter season. Maybe something like the FX shows? Because the 2nd half of this season, despite the great little moments that the cast and writers have given us, I got the feeling of exhaustion. I think that the Tritter arc got so intense, especially with Finding Judas and Merry Little Christmas that every thing afterwards was anti-climactic, especially with the whole "Nothing's changed" resolution. After that they just kept dicking us around with whether things had changed or not.

What if...the season had ended with Merry Little Christmas, only with out the last scene. In other words, Wilson walks out, leaves House there and we have to wait six freaking months to find out what happened. In the meantime the writers could have really thought about what they wanted to do with the characters, rather than the spaghetti on the wall approach that then took over especially with the now you see it, now you don't House/Cuddy, Wilson/Cuddy, House/Cameron, Cameron/Chase, Marco/Brenda shippiness.

I was re-reading some of the post-ep ficlets I wrote earlier in the season, back when we were all ready to kill Wilson for his treatment of House, such as:

While I do have another H/W angstfic in the works dealing with the hints and allegations that House has been throwing around in the last few episodes, I'm not sure I can imagine feeling quite that intense and angry and passionate about them as I did then. But I want to. I love these characters. I love this show. I want another great season, but maybe 22 brilliant episodes is a lot to ask from anybody.

Specifics for the show itself:

Are you sure this is House MD? No pee, no blood, no vomit, no dick jokes, and I think only one gay reference, the one about Foreman not being the only chocolate covered cherry, which may be more of a racial joke than a gay reference.

On the other hand, I stand corrected, it was the flame cane, he was playing air guitar with and yeah, I'm a sucker for Hugh doing anything the least bit musical. Le Purrrrrrrr.

I never bought into the H/W spoilers so I wasn't disappointed that way, but I was hoping for something more than what we got in terms of any emotional development. (And no, Wilson didn't send the guitar. House looked at it, nodded, practically patted the box. He knew what it was. He ordered it.)

You already know how I feel about-"You've been in the same apartment for fifteen years," so I'll shut up about it and keep it in the same lockbox with Chase writing vicodin prescriptions that we never saw.

H/W----I liked all the scenes,and RSL is looking yummy but the only one I really, really loved was the "monitor" scene, even if it was a bit reminscent of "Skin Deep." Any time Hugh&Bobby seem to be having fun together, I'm happy. I did think there was a bit too much. "Wilson lectures House" and "Wilson&Cuddy are House's parents." Plus the hands on the hips were back with a vengeance. The first time I saw the House/Wilson/Foreman scene I was wondering why Hugh's hair looked so bad and the 2nd time I was all about the Wilson LOOK, and now I'm thinking that the look wasn't all that much. There was more subtext in the earlier scenes. That was just a bad camera angle. Katie, we need to talk.

When TPTB spend half a season dropping hints about Wilson that still go nowhere, I'm not happy. Is he still in the hotel? Will he ever tell House he's in love with him? Did he or did not fuck Robin? Or Cuddy. Or Marco. And what about Naomi?

And how is House smoking cigars with PoTW's husband not a slap in the face to H/W truefans? Who was the last person we saw House smoking cigars with?

I also don't think anybody is really leaving, so I just refuse to get all Chicken Little about that. Although I didn't think LJ would really delete any journals either so what do I know?

ETA---I forgot about FCC, which should tell you something about the show.
Foreman-If anyone is leaving I think it should be him because, if he doesn't want to be House, what the hell does he want to be? At least House makes being a "bastard" as Wilson called him TWICE in this show, look great and sound witty. Foreman is just sour-faced and cranky.

Cameron-I don't know what to say anymore. Jenn looked pretty and was sweet in the scenes with Chase, but as far as a consistent character motivation, just as far away as ever. And no, the arm thing was NOT sexy, but neither was the kiss. It was sweet, but not not sexy. The writers have really failed her in the 2nd half. I wanted to kill her in MLC, but I thought she was a consistent, compelling character. No more.

Chase--There are no words for the adorability of Jesse Spencer especially when his hair is all tufty. This is why one of my guilty pleasures is Wilson/Chase (especially by paperclipbitch or House/Chase fic. Because this is a sexy actor and a character with so much possibility and depth that he deserves better than to paired in on-again/off-again relationship with a shallow Barbie-doll.

And what of the lovely Lisa E? She needs to shoot whoever put her in the gray sweater.

Thanks to Beta Goddess Carol and michelleann68 for attending the House parties with me online through the last third of the season. Thanks to everyone who's post-ep analysis I look forward to as much as the episodes themselves.

Now lets go write some great fiction.
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