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Ashes to Ashes-Series 3-Episode 8

I'm numb.

And if not quite crying, then certainly feeling the impulse. Not sure how much of that is the actual story and how much is saying good-bye to the LoM/A2A-verse and all the characters and especially Gene.

Right up to the very last second and ever after the credits, I was somehow expecting Sam to show up. There was just too much Sam/Gene thrown out there over the series, especially the Gene Loves Sam graffiti for him not come in and at least metaphorically ride into the sunset with Gene OR SOMETHING.

I'm also shocked that Alex didn't get home. But in a way I'm glad, not because I hate Alex, but because it would be a cop-out and I can now maintain my faith in British TV not taking the easy way out, when I know that American TV would have. (Or the stupid way out, a la LoM US.)

So...Jim Keats is actually the devil. I thought he went a little over the top when he trashed the station, but putting his hands on Alex's shoulders was pretty much the ookiest, creepiest thing I've seen. *shudder* Daniel Mays...you win the prize for playing a creepy, creepy dude.

And Gene. At first I couldn't figure out what was going on with Glenister's acting when he was just standing there holding the gun on Alex with that weird look on his face. But then when he remembered. OH GOD. So sad. Or did he know all along. I'm still a little iffy on that. How do you help people make the transition if you don't know that's what you're doing? Or is that the only way it's possible, because if you know you'll lose them all over and over, it's too hard.

Does that mean that he's managed to forget again or does he go back to the office KNOWING what's going on and ready to start with the new "nut-case" screaming about his Iphone. Is that the scene we didn't see before he came stomping out to push Sam against that first cabinet?

I'm now doing my best Monty Python Mr. Gumby imitation: MY BRAIN HURTS!!!

But I'm honestly going to miss these people, even Alex and especially even Ray. It's been an amazing roller coaster ride, which I would never have taken if not for the Barrowman thing. Barrowman to Dr. Who to John Simm to LoM to A2A.

The great thing is I think the spaces are still open for fanfic, so the fandom doesn't have to stop here. I DO think on some level that future LoM has to deal with this information and I'm about to write tonight's MMOM fic, to a Sam/Gene prompt, knowing what I now know.

I wish we could have gotten through the series without In The Air Tonight, but I'm still a sucker for Tainted Love, and the opening to Beat It, rocked so damn hard. I totally loved hearing that smidge of Life On Mars through the doors of the Railway Arms and of course Heroes makes a perfect ending. Major love for getting Nelson back. LOVE YA NELSON.

Like I said, still a bit numb and kind of sad, but NOT disappointed, and I still love the Guv. I hope his new Mercedes makes him happy. How dare those bastards kill the Quattro?

(Or does losing a car signal a new beginning, so that the "new arrival" can show up.)

I reserve the right to keep babbling at length about this over the next few weeks.
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