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For those who've seen the Ashes to Ashes finale...

Something that amuses me:

Back in 2008, my second year of doing the Merry Month of Masturbation challenge, I wrote my first ever Life On Mars fic, The Fire In Your Heart. It's a Sam/Chris fic wank!fic, from Sam's POV, reflecting my fetish for Sam/Chris, although I'm obviously as tin-hatted a Sam/Gene shipper as anyone. The funny part is that the lyric reference for the title is Wonderwall by Oasis, and Sam is wishing he could take Chris back to 1995, and share some good music with him.

Flash forward to the Ashes to Ashes finale, and the reveal of the characters being dead and what do we hear in the background for Shaz's death scene? Wonderwall!

Not quite prescience on my part, but it makes me smile.

Bonus: The US/UK English rant, revisited

And just because I need to rant about it somewhere, even though it's totally not relevant to this post...I know I've bitched and ranted about the British English/American English thing ad infinitum, but it really does matter. I know my British English is imperfect, but at least I'm trying. I know not everyone is going to bother with the spellings. I wish they would, but I get that it's a pain so...ok. BUT...BUT...BUT....some words are just plain wrong for an American character in an American fandom who is not particularly known to be an Anglophile or just plain pretentious. And that is why, I cannot continue to read a story that has Timothy McGee's POV and using the words wank and wanking. It's just not what most Americans would think in that situation. Period. End of story. (And more to the point, end of my trying to read the story, and therefore end of the writer's chances that I will comment on said story.)

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