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30 Days of Television-Day 10

Ganked from sandrine

Master list HERE

Day 21 - Favorite ship


The drug addict and his enabler. The serial cheater and the wounded romantic.

Again, no contest. The ship that brought me back into fandom and to LJ. They got me writing fanfiction again. I've written more about them than any other pairing. (Read all my H/W fic here.) I've railed against TPTB both for trying to go from subtext to fanservice and then for pulling the rug out on the "canon." I've fought with my fellow shippers over the angst vs fluff aspects of the pairing and I stand by my position that they love eachother AND will always end up hurting each other, but more than any other pairing on television, het or slash, canon or "subtext," I believe that these two are a "romantic" and "sexual" couple, although one that is inevitably doomed to pain and misery.

Here's the exact moment it happened, and pretty much all of it is contained in this scene from Damned If You Do-Season 1, Episode 5.


Wilson: How’s the Sister?

House: Kidneys functioning, heart rate is normal. You know how it is with nuns: you take out their IUDs and they bounce right back.

Wilson: Great.

House: Told you I didn’t screw up.

Wilson: You screwed up.

House: I gave her 0.1 cc of epinephrine.

Wilson: Yeah, and if Cuddy hadn’t taken you off the case, you would have killed her. [small pause] You want to come over for Christmas dinner?

House: You’re Jewish.

Wilson: Yeah, Hanukkah dinner. What do you care? It’s food, it’s people.

House: No thanks.

Wilson: Maybe I’ll come to your place.

House: Your wife doesn’t mind being alone at Christmas?

Wilson: I’m a doctor, she’s used to being alone. [House raises his eyebrows.] I don’t want to talk about it.
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