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MMOM Day 28-"The Wild Boys" Ashes to Ashes drabble PG13

Title: The Wild Boys
Fandom: Ashes To Ashes
Characters: Alex, Gene, Sam
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 100
Notes: Icon prompt from travels_in_time. No beta. Takes place after Series 3, Episode 4.
Summary: Maybe it's the clothes, or the wine, or just too much Duran Duran.

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Living in the 80’s is wreaking havoc with Alex’s libido as much as her wardrobe. Maybe it’s something in that cheap wine she seems to spend so much time drinking at Luigi’s.

She can’t understand why her unconscious is so very obsessed with the image of Gene Hunt snogging Sam Tyler for all he’s worth. If she ever gets home, she’s going to need serious therapy, and she hopes her psychologist-to-be doesn’t end up masturbating compulsively to a second-hand fantasy.

Sam’s dead, Gene is an hallucination, but Alex knows the love is real.

She’s seen the writing on the wall.

Tags: alex drake, ashes to ashes, drabble, gene hunt, mmom, mmom 2010, sam tyler

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