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30 Day of Television-Day 22

Ganked from sandrine

Master list HERE

Favorite series finale.

Obvious choice is Life On Mars or maybe the reveal at the very end of Newhart, but I'm going with:

Edge of Night

This was a brilliantly written, always fun and witty 1/2 hour soap opera, which when I was in high school came on right after General Hospital, and which for three years I utterly adored until P&G broke my heart by canceling it.

Since the writers knew it was coming to an end they wrapped up everything, giving all the characters a good resolution, including letting Beth Correll, the 30 year old virgin, get married and have perfect 1st time sex with Miles Cavanaugh.

Then at the very, very last second, the one character who ended up alone,(cop whose name I can't remember) spotted a very evil character (Alicia Van Dine) who was supposed to be dead....AND I SCREAMED....and that's where it ended.

RIP-EDGE OF NIGHT!!! I still miss you.
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