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Weekend Update

Mellow weekend. Got my goddess nails attended to on Saturday. Managed to get to Kathy's just when no other customers were there, so I had Kathy, Man and Louis all to myself working on my fingernails and footsies. Treated myself to extra 10 minute foot massage and let me tell ya people, Louis has some strong hands. Major case of hurts so good on the foot massage. Man and I talked about House, but he hadn't seen "Human Error" yet. I love that that guy who does my nails knows all about House.

I also got some shopping (not shipping, as my fingers are trying to type) done on the way home, before mostly vegetating for the rest of the day and night.

Hubby is still interested in fishing. Or at least buying fishing stuff including TiVoing fishing shows. Sunday I think he was out by Ocean Beach, still not catching anything, thereby not putting me in the position of having to decide if I want eat anything if he does.

Worked on some fics in progress including the next RPS chapter. Caught up on LJ. Shook my head over all the DRA-MA!!!

Had a great brunch at Chow, which got even better when it turned out the manager was our downstairs neighbor who comped our meal. I guess now Chow is our official go-to brunch place.

We also got signed up with Faye's Video as our backup rental place since Tower is now defunct and it's against my principles (such as they are) to give money to Blockbuster.

"American Dreamz"
If I can Hugh I don't want nobody baby... Laurie, Hugh Grant wouldn't be a bad alternative, especially when he's really working both the glibness and the self-loathing. The movie itself didn't live up to its own satiric potential, but since this was the year I did get hooked on Idol, it was almost frightening to watch how much they got right. And YAY Dennis Quaid for the being so Bush-like.

Sunday, I dragged the carcass out for a 6 mile walk/run.

I've signed up to do The SF Pride Run and I don't want to wuss out and only do the 5-K. I'm finishing the 6 miles even if I'm the last one in.

After that things got pretty vegetative. We watched "The Prestige" which yet another delicious Hugh, this time Jackman, along with the talented Christian Bale, who will also be RSL's costar in "Swing Kids" to me. Hugh&Christian definitely had some serious hatesex slash vibes going on. Has anyone written this yet? If so, where is it? And if not, why the hell not? Since it's a Christopher Nolan movie, I can't say much else without spoiling, but it was very clever and OMG David Bowie as Nicola Tesla. Brilliant.

I did about three hours at the Mint, but it was fairly busy so only two songs: Back For Good-Take That and Elvis Presley's version of Frankie & Johnny.

Came home, watched "Art School Confidential." OK, nothing super-duper and I was online with Beta Goddess Carol talking Plot Bunnies the whole time.
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