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Who Babble and Glee Babble

But first I'd like to wave and blow some kisses to my "fans." My sources tell me that I've been very popular over in hate-land for the last few days. Nice to know you guys haven't forgotten me.

I'm still a bit wrung out right now, so this'll be pretty hit and run and a bit cranky.

For one thing, that title sucks. I get that it's supposed to be making the moral equivalence between the cold blooded Silurians and the "cold-blooded" humans, but I think it's a crap title, which sounds totally generic. It could be the title of any cop show or doctor show. There's just nothing interesting or special about it. Which kind of sums up the whole episode, so maybe it is a great title.

I'm back to thinking Chibnall is a crap writer as well. I didn't care about anybody in this episode, and all the BIG DRAMATIC moments fell flat, including Rory's death. I like Rory, but there was nothing about his death as written, acted or directed that made me feel anything.

All the running around felt very empty and I didn't even believe the Doctor was all that concerned about anyone.

The only moment where I felt caught up in the characters was Ambrose's final moment with the Doctor, where he granted her a certain amount of absolution for what she'd done. I think this was more of an Eleven thing and that Nine (Adam Mitchell) and Ten (Harriet Jones) would have found a way to make sure her son hated her and had her left completely alone and hopeless. So thank you Eleven for being a little more accepting of human frailty.

OK, on a tech level, the Silurian city was pretty cool looking, but the motivations and characterizations were all extremely shallow and who gives a shit?

I'm putting both parts of this in the thumbs down category along with The Beast Below and Victory of the Daleks as episodes I wouldn't really enjoy re-watching.

I'm not the biggest Lady Gaga fan. At least with the Madonna episode, I knew the damn songs. In this case I was sort of a loss and wasn't familiar with the costumes involved either.

You know an episode is in trouble when Rachel's story-line is the part I find most watchable. (OK, Puck and the guys doing "Beth" was nice.)

The stuff with Kurt and Finn was honestly excruciating. It was like a carry-over from the whole rendition of A House is Not a Home, which you may remember how much I hated. As in loathed.

I'd love to sympathize with Kurt's unrequited love for Finn, although Finn strikes me as the unworthiest love object possible, but it's just incredibly uncomfortable to watch. The BIG scene with Kurt's dad coming in to the rescue was another moment in DEAR GOD DON'T MAKE ME WATCH THIS. I'm honestly not sure where the sympathy is supposed to be here. My guess is that I'm supposed to hate Finn, which I generally do for being a doofus, but in this case, I wanted to slap Kurt. HARD! All I could think was "Dude...back off," which was sad, because in High School, I was totally Kurt for my obsessive crush.

Anyway, it was not an enjoyable episode because of that and the bullying scenes were also not pleasant to sit through. I won't appropriate the language of "triggering" but let's just way I wouldn't even want to sit through that bit again either.

I also caught up on the Laryngitis episode which I had missed. Again, Kurt is becoming a very problematic character for me to watch. I think Chris Colfer is an incredible actor, and at least Rose's turn was vocally excellent, but I'm really not enjoying anything about the way the character is being portrayed.

Puck doing The Lady is a Tramp was hot. I hate how hot Puck is, actually, but I just think the actor has so much more charisma than the guy playing Finn, or pretty much anyone else on the show. It throws all the relationships out of kilter.

So far Dreams On was their high water mark. I'm looking forward to the season finale just for the show to be out of my life for awhile.

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