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Another Merry Month of Masturbation has (ahem) come to an end.

Total wordcount: 15917

Total Fandoms: 16
House MD-4
Life on Mars-3
Dr. Who-3
Ashes to Ashes-2
Sherlock Holmes-1
State of Play-1
Star Trek-1
Desperate Housewives-1
Jeeves & Wooster-1
Forever Knight-1

Total number of stories with song lyrics or titles as the the story title: 22
Guess them all; win a drabble or fanmix of your choice. NO CHEATING!!!

This year was definitely heavy on the angst, which isn't surprising for me, although I did write a few lighter stories, one that was pure humor and one that was total crack.

Also very heavy on slash this year. I try to keep things balanced on the slash/het scale, but I think my innate slashiness won out this year. I feel really bad about only doing one femslash story too.

Most popular story: Insomnia-Jeeves and Wooster
Least popular: Every Thought is a Dream-Torchwood (which sucks! I really love that story.)

Thanks to everyone who submitted userpic prompts and to my whole wonderful team of betas, not to mention everyone who put up with the usual whinging and whining during the process.

And now, (drumrolllllll please) presenting, K-Gal's 2010 Merry Month of Masturbation.

Day 1 Mr.Lonely-Life On Mars
Day 2 Love & Loyalty-White Collar
Day 3 Stupid Girl-Forever Knight
Day 4 Pump It Up-Dr. Who
Day 5 Cuddly Toy-Life On Mars
Day 6 The Rules-RPS Zachary Quinto/Chris Pine
Day 7 For The Good Times-NCIS
Day 8 Young Girl-Dr. Who
Day 9 Insomnia-Jeeves & Wooster
Please note, my dark!Jeeves epic will be posted at the end of this week. Stay tuned.
Day 10 Technofreak-Eureka
Day 11 All The Dreams We Held So Close-Desperate Housewives Patrick Logan fic!
Day 12 Where Have All The Good Times Gone-House MD
Day 13 Love Minus Zero/No Unit RPS-James May/Richard Hammond
Day 14 Lady Jane-RPS John Barrowman/Burn Gorman
Day 15 Tighter Tighter-Torchwood
CORSET!FIC!!! Special thanks to vanillafluffy for the prompt.
Day 16 Personal Setting-Dr. Who
Day 17 My Best Friends Girl-Ashes To Ashes
Day 18 The Share-Torchwood
One of the most crack-tastic things I've ever written. Captain John gives a talk at sex rehab.
Day 19 Magic Man-RPS Neil Patrick Harris/John Barrowman
Day 20 Elusive Butterfly-Star Trek
Day 21Every Thought Is A Dream-Torchwood
(Come on guys---give it a try---embrace your bifictionalitt, There's a smidgen of slash in there too, plus some implied Jack/Doctor angst. If you really think it sucks, give me concrit.)
Day 22 Meet The New Boss-House MD
Day 23 Empty Space-House MD
Day 24 Recriminations Fester-RPS Simon cowell/Ryan Seacrest
Day 25 The Worst That Could Happen-Life On Mars
Day 26 The Loser-State of Play
Day 27 Hold Me-Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Day 28 The Wild Boys-Ashes to Ashes
Day 29 Thief In The Night-House MD
Day 30 Haunted-Sherlock Holmes
Day 31Ms Information-RPS Rachel Maddow/Ana Marie Cox

Tags: mmom 2010, pimping

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